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sigh, I sell all these tips. but I am in a giving mood-

the secret to photographic quality Christmas lights is balance. If you do the top, you need to have stake lights along the edge of the beds, or mini lights spread out equally in shrubs down below.

in the middle, you either need 1 right size wreath at the highest center peak, or the right size wreaths at the outer and center, or possibly all peaks, or perhaps wreaths on the dormer windows. you need garland around the door or outside arch. teardrop foliage on carriage lamps by front door or garage door. we do not and I am not a fan of ringing the windows, or garage door. but some folks do. you always have to mention red bows as an option on wreaths and garland at sales appointments. be aware that some folks are against them and they block lights at night. but they sure look nice during the day.

for shrubs, mini lights-color should be symmetrical, using design 101- grouping odd numbers work best, ends or ends plus middle, etc.

color on top and stake lights should make sense- do corners in green, blue or red LED, incan or warm white everywhere else. or do a pattern for a candy stick effect-3 red 3 clear, etc. when using multi, do 2's, 2 red 2 green, 2 yellow, etc. the colors stand out more.

try to avoid stake lights lining the driveway or walkways. it aint a runway. it is a house. we do it some, but why bring attention to concrete? and they are tripping hazards. the house is what they make the payments on. make it look awesome. try to keep stake lights on bed edges.

and really big trees take way more mini lights than you think, take longer than you think, and are way more expensive than any client will believe. but some folks still have us do it.
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