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I have read quite a few business books over the years and articles in magazines etc. One thing they all have in common is they all generalize. None actually give specifics or any real practical information.

You can read the E myth or similar type books that contain a bunch of fluff and motivation and Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah. But in the end you are no better off then when you started. You might get one nugget of good useful information out of one book. The rest is fluff, and feel good bull crap.

What good is a book or article in a magazine that does nothing but tell you what you should be doing without telling you how to go about doing it. Most will tease you will little facts just so you can pay for the actual processes and systems needed in order to be successful. Then if you do pay, some will give you information that should be common sense or are so full of crap its pathetic. Can you say Fix your business on the toilet?

Just because someone has been in business and claims to have been successful doesn't mean they know what they are talking about. There is an old saying.....Those who can do....Those who can't teach.

This site would do wonders for people in the industry if they had a section for business owners that had actual good useful information posted by a consultant with an intelligent back and forth. Most of the information on here is misinformation and questions that never really get answered. If you want a place to come and shoot the bull and get some generalities then this is the place. If you come here to learn about systems and business....well you have come to the wrong place.

If you want my attention don't tell me me something.

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