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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
I agree, Barry. Phosphate does not move--it sticks to the soil. When soil moves, phosphate gets into the water. Soil erosion is the main contributor. Heavy rains flowing down on newly plowed and fertilized fields can be a major problem. Law requires erosion dams on new construction around here.
That one basic point is so important and was overlooked or ignored by those who rushed to enact what was basically a trendy regulation here in Michigan. It began as municipal governments each having hearings, each with their own facts, then quickly jumped to the county level and finally to a statewide ban - all in an alarmingly short time. When I was in school we were taught that aerating was the best and only sure way to move P into the root zone because it is immobile in most soils.

Construction sites have been using dams around drains for a long time. Livestock waste runoff could stand another look. Guessing their PACs are stronger than turf's.

I had to file a plan for the Soil Erosion & Sedementation Act when I built our house and I am nowhere near water.
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