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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
ok, i didn't read every post, but DO NOT make a big mistake…buy a 3/4 ton, i can not stress that enough…1/2 is simply stupid unless it was strictly fuel related and you got a v6…i will say it again, DO NOT buy a 1/2, that's just stupid

3/4 tons are not that much more expensive if more expensive at all…i agree with one post, don't buy from a dealership…i found my dream truck on ebaymotors in 2010 and still love my decision to this day…oddly enough AutoTrader has a MUCH wider selection

with my experience with trucks i have found that the super duty has the most interior room…i have a 2008 super duty and my friend has a 2008 GMC 3/4 ton (both crew cabs) and he noticed that i have much more room in the cab than he does

a 3/4 ton is not any different than a 1/2 other than stronger suspension and bigger brakes, so why waste the money on a half ton…if you are even considering plowing then this shouldn't even been a question

and i would never buy a truck that didn't have 4x4, unless it was made for towing and would never see mud or snow…2x4 trucks are terrible in slick conditions because there is NO weight in the back, i would hate to have a front wheel drive car pull me out of the ditch

a 1 ton is also an option, but much harder to find

so either buy a v6 2x4 half ton or a 3/4 ton 4x4…i like diesel but i wouldn't say that is the hands down decision, especially in your case…
Ok, thank you for the advice. That nicely narrows it down for me. I have been hitting up craigslist a lot. I have seen mostly ford superdutys up for sale, barely any gmc or Chevy. If I was to get a 3/4 ton, I'd get a gas most likely. Would diesel be cheaper in the long run though? I would have to get its maintenance at a ford dealership, or find a shop that services diesel engines. The f250 is a nice truck, so I have been searching for them. Thanks for the sound advice!
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