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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I go for about .5 pound of N all 3 times... May, Late August, and early Oct... I'm mostly forest lawn, and high amounts of N causes more problems for the shade grasses... although if we get a lot of rain at any given period I may put down as much as a pound in one app...

Has your early Spring Sumagreen had any benefit compared to similar lawns w/out???

I used the leftover sumagreen with my spring app for the benefit of the Humic and Fulvic acids. The Humic component to support the myco spores I added, stabilize soil pH and help make soil P more available.

The fulvic acid is available to the plant quickly.....Great stuff.

I cannot compare to other lawns, as I treated all of mine with the sumagreen and it was not a stress season on our cool season turfs here.

Like I mentioned less broadleaves than past seasons But I think this is from the benefits of the Myco.

Next season will be pulling soil samples as soils warm to look at soil food web populations......
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