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Originally Posted by A. W. Landscapers, Inc. View Post
1. You probably won't need a 36" and a 33" unless you have an area that the 36" is too large to fit. A walk behind blower will come in handy on large leaf jobs…you should also get yourself a backpack blower (get the best and most powerful blower you can afford…check out RedMax and Stihl). I have a RedMax (see my signature for the model#). The walk behind edger is good for creating new edges…a stick edger is good for maintaining nice crisp edges or creating new edges (just not as efficient as the walk behind when creating new edges) and some people use a trimmer turned on its side to maintain edges (quality is sacrificed for speed and don't bother trying to create new edges with a trimmer). Get yourself a good quality stick edger and trimmer. I use Stihl.

2. Blowing clippings all over the street is not only unprofessional and sloppy, it is also probably a fineable offense in your municipality. You can either mulch the clippings into the lawn, leave un-mulched clippings on the lawn, bag clippings and dump on site, or bag clippings and haul off. I mulch…mulching helps return nutrients to the soil as the clippings decompose.

3. You could try spraying a small amount of Round-Up at the base of the post…a 1/2 inch to 1 inch away from the post is all you need. This will kill the grass and will be hardly noticeable unless you are standing next to the post looking straight down.

4. No this is not correct but some people do it. The correct way to trim is to trim to the exact same height as the mower cut every single time you service the lawn…anything else is a shortcut which will sacrifice quality and looks. This is one area where you will see a noticeable difference between quality lawn care and quick lawn care and then there is the middle ground of average lawn care where you trim shorter than the mow height but not short enough to hit dirt. You need to decide which type of lawn care service you will be providing.

Good luck.

By the way, welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.
If i only have the money to purchase the used walk behind blower and edger will that get me by until i can buy new? Great advice thank you. And I'm glad to be here.
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