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Well, that's why i asked. I wanted to know if you think customers should do yard work, or leave it to you. I'm solo, and i want to fill slots with year-rounders; people who want to leave the yard to me. She wants to change the game after we were established. I'll have to fill her slot with someone who wants only me to handle their yard. I really think she's in for a surprise when spring gets here. She will either have horrible, unreliable service, or will pay more for a contract/year-round service. I've seen this many times. I'm not claiming to be right, i'm just saying i choose not to do business with her if she does "my" work. I'm trying to come up with an analogy. Imagine a scheduled pool service. How do you think they'd feel, if you broke up their schedule, and told them that you treated the pool, and to wait? That's all i'm saying. I know some see it differently, but i'm at a point where i want to know what's coming in, and not worry about getting laid off for 6 months out of the blue.
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