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Yeah, i already have a few of those. For this woman, the yard will be horrible in spring, and we were established for years. Also, i think i took it personally, because of this time of year. I just mailed my mortgage payment. One year (before i set her straight), she called me to clean up. I filled my truck with tarps of debris, and she tried to only pay me $20 extra. Done with her. I don't like surprises. Also, after she agreed to let me handle it, she kept pulling the crap every fall. There are year-round customers out there, and i'll find another one.

Ztman, i know that i got hot, and was blinded about the aftermath. She's not connected to any other of my customers; that would be tricky. Just received a text from her and she said that i was good to her and her mother over the years. It doesn't change things though. We've had our disagreements too many times for me to stay interested. I have five months to replace her; i'll be okay.
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