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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Yes, it is slightly warmer in west Michigan due to influence of Lake Michigan, coldest temp so far, about 23. Usually more snow, also...12 inches in St Joseph/Benton Harbor a couple of days ago. Only a few flurries here. Now my new grass seed planted about two weeks ago has sprouted to about a half inch tall..both in the areas where it was raked in and now...smaller sprouts from new seed in the area of bare soil with no soil preparation. New seedlings looked OK, so frost has not killed far.
I started my cold weather weed control test using dandelions when day temps were about 35, on November 12.
What do you think will happen? I applied a three-way, Speedzone, T-Zone, and Surge.
What was the soil temperature? My opinion is you will have no weeds next spring.
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