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Originally Posted by Townhouse Yards View Post
Ok, thank you for the advice. That nicely narrows it down for me. I have been hitting up craigslist a lot. I have seen mostly ford superdutys up for sale, barely any gmc or Chevy. If I was to get a 3/4 ton, I'd get a gas most likely. Would diesel be cheaper in the long run though? I would have to get its maintenance at a ford dealership, or find a shop that services diesel engines. The f250 is a nice truck, so I have been searching for them. Thanks for the sound advice!
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As I've posted elsewhere, the solid front axle of a Ford or Dodge is easier on tires, especially loaded or with a plow.

Diesels aren't really more involved on maintenance. Certainly more expensive, but, the intervals are longer. The only extra is the fuel filter/water separator needs to be kept up on. Keep an extra filter in the truck at all times. Keep the water drained.

As for gas or diesel. The big guy here runs all gas. He says the increased initial cost and fuel cost of diesel does't make financial sense. Seems anything with a diesel goes for stupid money. If we're talking $5K-$7K difference, that'd buy an awful lot of gasoline.

Learn maintenance chores. Changing oil, filters, belts, and such isn't a big deal. I'd go through any truck I bought (change all fluids and filters). You need to start out with a known maintenance schedule. Since I do my own, I'm a little OCD on doing things; meaning more frequent.
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