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Originally Posted by TTS View Post
cpllawncare makes an excellent point. You can see it every day on this site if you read through posts. Every book and magazine article you read talks about developing systems to run the business yet every day there are posts here about failures that can be traced back to a lack of systems. On the flip side read through the posts on here by the bigger companies, Pro-turf and ETW are the biggest two that come to mind and read their threads, it's about systems.

As a reader of Turf magazine I think you would be far and above the most cited column if you discussed developing a growth strategy, how to develop management systems and what to focus on for those systems and maybe a piece on the hiring process and how to truly find and retain quality help. Those are the most frequent problems I read about other businesses having.
Those are some great points and being new to this site I really appreciate the feedback.
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