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So back in July I get a call from the caretaker of this place that I have work for 6 years. He wanted a price on installing drip on the tiered walls on the hill to water grasses. I go and look and told him it would be about $5,800 +/-. He then tells me the landscaper gave the home owner a price of $2,500 and asked if I would match it. I said no way and told him to watch out because that price was way too low.

So today i was there blowing it out and it was my first time back since i gave my price and I got to see what this clown did. I look down on the hill and see he ran 2 lines on drip in a 4' bed of pure sand; no valve box; never wired the valves; manifold not connected to the main. I don't even think it will work when I straighten it out n the spring. The way the guy fed the drip I don't think it will make it to the end. You get what you pay for I guess.

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