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OP, how many new customers did you turn down to keep this lady?

Living in fantasy land is expecting all customers will be full service and let us call the shots as when to soil test, feed, seed, lime, mow, aerate, prune, trim, color plantings, clean up as we see fit and not bother us with getting prior approval.

I am happy to get a customer regardless of the amount of business they want. As long as I get paid my price. For every job I do my gross increases.

I have a few customers that I would like to drop. The pay my price and on time. I'll keep them until there is no more room in my schedule and I need to cut them loose when I need to add a better customer. Until then I see no reason to fire them and lose their payments to me.

My intent is not to belittle you. Though when you say you were counting on making that $50 from her.

That statement says you are not running the financial end of your business well if $50 one week is going to put you into a bind.

When the PGA comes into a course to play the Masters. They do not want to hear about how much lime must be put down.

The PGA wants a perfect lawn and expect the person in charge to get the work done without him getting ok's.

George Steinbrenner I am sure did not make his Grounds Keeper get approval before he did work on the field.

These two examples are of a customer that not only can afford but want the best service that they can buy for turf care.

Many home owners want a perfect lawn.

Some can afford to have a perfect lawn but refuse to spend the money for a perfect lawn.

Some can afford to and will spend to have one.

It is their decision to make as to how much money they spend.

Would you go to a restaurant that says we do not want your business because you do not spend enough money when you get there.


Who wants ex customers telling everyone they got dropped by their LCO because they will not spend enough money.

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