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Good Points there. To be honest, i don't get resistance from any other customers, but this lady is a different story. I just felt we were in a power struggle, and she was working against me. The point of the 50 is that it can go a long way, and she didn't give me notice. She cancelled the night before. I felt this was the right decision for me. I also feel that she will end up paying more, one way or another. I've been lenient with going up in price, because she was regular, and an original. She will find that out. If she pays $10 more per cut during the summer, the annual total will be more than keeping me. I don't think any of the big dogs will let her dictate when to show up. On the other hand, she could go cheap, and have a crappy yard, and unreliable service. We've had our conflicts over the years, and i just had enough. She's not the only game in town, but if you have the opinion of taking everything, no matter what, that's your right.
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