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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
80% of the P in lakes, rivers and streams come from the leaves, twigs and branches dropping into the water... According to a CO university study that has been removed from the internet... if there is a similar study out there it would be good to find it... P is more political than it is real...
So these arbitrary laws that starve lawns and cause them to thin out don't do much good. I can see prohibiting the dumping of grass clippings down storm drains. I can also see doing whatever it takes to hold soil in place, including growing a vigorous stand of turf. Can't do that when a non agronomist or non horticulturist is writing fertilizer restrictions. I even see water restrictions as counterproductive because when the grass is killed by lack of water and it finally storms, what happens? Don't want pollution, you would have to concrete every square inch of land and send all run off water into a treatment facility.
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