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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
Payload on a GM/Chevy 2500 HD = about 4000 lbs. ooops! Maybe time to do some research .. just sayin'. lmao
Please read below:

How 'bout this??? Take 750,000 square feet times three (pounds per thousand). 45 bags is the correct answer.

45 (50 pound bags) = 2250 pounds.

I would post a pic of a Z-Spray here, but I never see any because they are a 'white elephant' And I also call BS.
Depending on the truck reg cab 2wd is about 3900lbs. 4wd is 3600lbs. Ext cab/crewcabs are even less (down to 3000lbs).

Add the fact are you only going to bring 45 bags or extra? Add 500lbs for the machine. Add for lbs for the carrier. Add the fact it extends past the truck so that has a multiplier to its weight. Do you bring water? Herbicides? Tools, lunch box, etc? Driver/passenger weight also.

Guessing when the truck leaves in the morning its close or past the 9200lb total gvwr.

Might want to do some research or complete facts, just saying!
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