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Thank you for the reply. After reading your reply I began to think and wonder if it is purely an emotional issue of breaking away from the customers I started with. They all seem to think I am still 15 years old (im 34, I think) and I suppose that irritates me. No matter what I do I can't seem to change their minds. They all still call me Joey and don't respect me as all my new clients in the new town. Its like the movie "Goodfellas" ~ I don't shine shoes any more! We do only go down there once a week and I still have the smaller mowers to accommodate the properties. I know if I charge more they will just cancel- there is no reason for someone to pay more money for the same service just because I moved away. Their prices are in line with what I would charge someone locally. I might be able to raise them $1 a cut to help cover the cost of the fuel for going down there perhaps.
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