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from 36.5 to 40.4 is 1700 psi drop. I call that big. maybe it does mean anything but it's a bigger drop than the linear drop from 0 to around 32.

The machine is out of factory spec by +/- 4 gpm. Don't rpm's affect gear pump performance?
Bobcat says their hydraulic hp on a high flow machine is about 75-76 hp.

Cat used to state 78 hp. I felt like my Bobcat had my hydraulic hp than my CAT but that is subjective and it took awhile to come to that conclusion.
The operator has a lot to do with the auxiliary performance. In a mini, keeping other tasks to a minimum to keep flow going to the aux circuit is a very important. In a skid steer, which has more power to support the aux circuit, it is still important to limit other functions. I am very cognizant of what I'm doing when I'm running the mulcher, trencher, stump grinder, or other even low flow attachments. There is a finite amount of horsepower available and it needs to be put to good use. People who watch me mulch probably think I'm 100 years old because I'm crawling and have deliberate smooth actions but in reality, I'm trying to keep as much flow to the cutting head as I can so that I can cut faster and reduce stalling. Took a long time to get good at that and that's why I had a hard time believing the drops in psi and gpm when my mulching performance is telling me otherwise.

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