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Originally Posted by YellowDogSVC View Post
I know this was AWJ's thread and it got off topic but I appreciate all the extra information. I had a talk with a Bobcat factory rep awhile back. One of things we discussed were pressure and flow and he told me that some changes were coming to Bobcat. I wasn't supposed to say anything about it at the time but since then it's been rumored elsewhere. I know the manufacturers monitor these threads and to be honest, the chart that was posted (both) don't match up with manufacturer claims. Performance-wise, I would say the charts don't match performance in some applications that I'm in. Maybe a flow meter isn't the best tool for measuring performance since there are SO many types of pumps and configurations on many types of attachments in excavators, skids, and other loaders.
For example, my mulcher is pretty powerful with it's 2 speed 110cc motor but the trencher, which is similarly spec'd, has a lot more low end much so that it pulls my 9k lb machine around. My stump grinder, which is rated for the 37 gpm claimed by bobcat, doesn't have hardly any torque and it's motor is puny compared to the trencher or mulcher yet it seems to have a very high rpm and just enough torque to do it's job but it will stall easily if you push it.
What rpm does the head turn unloaded?
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