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Originally Posted by Digdeep View Post
The reason that there is a "linear drop" is because he stopped at every 100psi to log the flow.Posted via Mobile Device
It has nothing to do with stopping to take a reading. Explain to me why it would? I've said it in a previous post and I'll say it again, it's a system curve and it entirely depends on how the engineers have designed with the circuit. The maximum power available to drive anything on a machine <= bhp of the motor. How the engineers configure the system to capitalize (or not) this limitation is up to them.

YellowDog, the relationship between torque and angular velocity is the same as psi and gpm, power is the product of the two. So, for a fixed power you can increase torque but then you have to proportionately decrease rpm or vice versa. This is why the stump grinder spins fast but has no torque and why the mulcher does.
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