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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
I've reread that thread a hundred times, and there are all kinda problems with it. I could post a whole thread on why that happened to pro cut. It shows what happens when you don't know what your doing.
Yes I read it too and it is a sad story, but also something that people starting a landscape company can learn from. However I also think that people who want to grow their business should not be scared off by a post like that. In any business there are peaks and valleys and you have to know how to navigate them when the time comes. There are quite a lot of resources out there for people in our industry: The PLANET GIC is the best trade show with seminars in our industry.If you are running a landscape company then you should attend this event every year. There are other resources as well but PLANET is where the best and brightest learn from. As business owners it is important to take time out to learn and keep ahead of the trends or you can end up out of business.
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