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Originally Posted by XYZLawnPros View Post
Down here in the Rochester area with DA Quality Lawn & YS.

Yeah I'm watching the snow melt as we speak haha. Drip drip it goes.
Still pretty cool and definitely windy on top of that. Going to be mushy
and wet tomorrow for sure. E-mails and phone calls and texts just keep
bombarding in. Folks are a beggin' for help. Seriously kind of just want to
be done with fall. Snow business is itching to zoom into action.
If things go right, we'll be finished with clean ups tmrw and be ready for snow to fall!!!!

If more calls come in for clean ups, it'll be for top dollar. I want to wash the mowers, trimmers, & my truck & enclosed trailer to put them away for the year.

These past two days in the 50s plus tmrw have been great! I wore shorts & a sweatshirt today.
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