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Originally Posted by tyler_mott85 View Post
No wonder the one of the largest issues of lawn care these days is nitrogen finding it's ways into our water systems. Dumping Nitrogen onto lawns to get a green and flooding with water to keep green throughout 100 degree days while ignoring soil PH and soil structure is just ignorant to me. What I've always learned is 4 lbs of nitrogen is all a fescue lawn needs per year. And this includes any nitrogen you gain from mulching, side discharging, leaves, etc. If the lawn is not acceptable after 4 lbs of nitrogen a year, then you need to look at when you're fertilizing, watering techniques/schedules, soil structure, soil PH, and lastly Micro nutrients (iron, etc.) Am I off base here? I understand Customer satisfaction drives our industry but when do you say enough is enough and start worrying about our environment we're destroying?
You are right on the money. I deal with soils so bad that 2 lb of N applied at once hardly phases the grass. If grass does not get green and grow like mad on even 1/2 lb of N, more needs to be looked into. Looking into those other things can give you grass that is extremely fertilizer responsive.
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