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After working for a Large LCO for years and spending countless hours working them I swore I would never take on or even look at any condos. I'm in a similar situation as you. I got two requests this year as you did, one for a small one the other for similar size.

On the 1st one they complained about weeds in garden beds, I also asked about any leaf clean up in the fall. Their response " we consider that part of the mowing" they had no contract.

The 2nd complained the current LCO was not taking care of the leaves, then they complained they made too much noise with " those blower things on their back." When they showed up.

If your plowing and don't have the place completely clear by the last snow flake stand by.

The people that live there and see you and deal with you are often, not always, not the same people in charge of the $$$.

Just something to think about they have no loyalty and are always looking to reduce fees and cut costs from my experience.
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