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^ looks good!

Im working on my business plan next year and what I was thinking is why not give the client an option?
If they want to mulch them:
Offer to do bi-weekly cuts through December/last leaf fall for a set amount. I was thinking charge roughly 2x the weekly cut x the number of times it takes, lets estimate 3 trips total. (3 total cuts in the leaf season, so say $80/cut, thats $240 ).
This guarantees that the leaves wont sit on the lawn for more than 2 weeks and will generally keep the lawn looking fresh through the holidays.

If they want them removed off the lawn then Ill prob have to figure out the time its going to take and base the estimate off of that. Ill still mulch them 1st though most likely.. It will also make a difference if they want them left at the curb or taken away. Im thinking since Im part time now, it may make sense to team up with someone that can do curb pickup and sub that out to them if the client wants them taken away completely. Ill be starting off with an SUV so im not so sure Ill have the space to take leaves with me initially..
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