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Thanks gus

Originally Posted by Without A Drought View Post
i was wondering if anyone has done or heard of someone doing that.
on a resi, connected to copper, with jack hammer hose, that might do some damage before it breaks off.

My old boss told me a story with his old 250 and his pk lindsay in the bed he was on a very steep hill/driveway.

Ebrake went with the truck on the hill. He saw truck rolling down driveway, while doing the blow out, he ran to the driver door and got his foot on the brake just in time before ripping off the 3/4 hose from the pvb...

My guess is he slugged a few beers after that one..

great story and I always think about him when im backed up on a hill and thinking about chalking the tires with a block...
I usually chuckle to myself, and grab the wheel chalk..
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