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The compost is at 140 degrees and it's breaking itself down....thus killing off most of the weeds/seeds. You should ask your local compost plant if they get their compost tested. Which I'm sure they do. Then you can pass this information to your they know what's going in your yard. Another selling point with you and your customers.

You will find compost by the bag will start your materials too high....and this is before you add in will have a hard time selling this expensive service.

When I get a call, it's usually where the customer yard is really bad, and that's when the compost will fix their soil structure, improve moisture, and then it's a great time to reseed their yard. So I explain all the things that will be going on, so they can justify all this work. Which it's a lot of work....but the end results are pretty amazing!!!!

You could always rent a dump trailer for a day. And you would be able to pay for the dump trailer buy loading the compost in bulk. Buying bags, you would end up opening bags all day long....which would take a ton of labor and time....not saving you anything.

Here's a yard that is changing for the better because of organic compost in just TWO MONTHS!!!! I spread the seed, covered it with organic compost (bulk not bags) And in two months, it's improving each day. The yard isn't perfect....but the microorganisms are improving their soil, holding moisture longer so it won't dry out as quick as a normal yard. Plus their yard faces the South all day.

People will pay more, if you can show them results that really work.

It usually takes about two years to get a yard really going good with organics. And might get a few weeds here are there, but they are easy to deal with, once the yard gets established. Once established, the grass will be thick and if you do get any weeds later....they will be along sidewalks, driveway, or boarders.....and they are very easy to deal with.

And as long as the customer can see results, they don't mind waiting on a beautiful yard that might take two years to get truly established. Once the yard takes to the organics, then its not much work to maintain.

But like I've said....this is in just two months between "Before" and "After" pictures. And now their yard is on the right track to becoming a healthy, beautiful, and thriving yard with organics. Wait until I get My Organic Compost Tea Sprayer going in 2014!!!!
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