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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
you will notice when it comes to diesel that you will find a lot of the 6.0 power strokes, there is a reason for that…they aren't very dependable, but you can "bulletproof" the engine and apparently that takes care of the problem, but that does cost a lot of money…i have the 6.4 and have had very few problems, but it's so packed in there that they have to take the cab off for any major work, which simply adds a lot of labor to the bill…the 7.3 is arguably fords bed diesel, with their newest (2011 and newer) 6.7 scorpion getting great reviews also

Chevy/GMC never produced a bad diesel (made by isuzu)…my favorite would be the LBZ that was produced right around 2006 (pre emissions)

Dodge never produced a bad engine either with the cummins…a lot of hard core diesel guys like the 5.9 12v cummins that was last produced in '98 i believe, then it went to the 5.9 24v up to early 2007, then the 6.7 late 2007 to now…from what i hear the 6.7 is very similar to the 5.9 but only with added emissions from the EPA bullshit…

Ford and dodge have solid front axels, apparently better for putting a plow on, but many GM fans will argue that with their independent front suspension, so take it for what it's worth

diesels are more expensive to maintain, an oil change is like $100, but lasts longer than a gas oil change…any major fixes are going to be much more expensive…when diesel was cheaper it made sense, now not so much…not to mention their initial cost…but they will last longer and pull harder/better if pulling is a main concern, better fuel mileage too…

if i was you, i would look for a gas super duty SingleRearWheel 3/4 or 1 ton…GM or dodge wouldn't be a bad decision either, i'm partial to ford but not saying i wouldn't drive anything else
Thanks for the advice. I will probably go gas if I get a 3/4 ton. Ford f250 for sure.
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