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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
If I had my way, Id have a uniform company come collect, repair, and launder... just like at the mechanic shop of restaurant.. I had this done when I owned my own business and it was Zen.
If you have the minimum number of employees required ( I think it's 12) it's is THE way to go.
Every company is a little different. I worked for a big uniform co and we had some stops with as few as one wearer. They'd have to throw something else on the contract to meet the invoice minimum, like a floor mat and 100 shop towels, but we made it work.

I think the uniform service is great but you need to remember that landscape companies are considered "undesirable accounts" because of employee turnover and you're often priced accordingly. And I don't care what systems the uniform company says they have in place, the only customers I ever had who didn't get banged for replacement costs when an employee quit were the ones who logged exactly how many pants and shirts someone turned in vs how many came back.
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