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I have a bobcat guy we use for stuff like this look around he usually charges us a min of 300 and max of 550 for a day but he is a master of his craft we focus on planting mulching and he runs the machine what I can do on a bobcat in 10 hrs he does in 4 or 5 and I've logged thousands of hours on a skid steer I charge about 75 hr for two guys and my expenses my bobcat guys charge and he also brings his small dump truck if I need it so I would see if I can dump on his 30 acres I tell my customer plain and simple I could rent a bobcat do the dumpsters and rack up a lot of unneeded time or I can bring in my pro and knock it out and save him money I have done it both ways and I find I usually make more money focusing on planting and speed than having my guy watch me play in the machine all day I also find I'm good at figuring time with what i do everyday give me a lawn ill be within 10mins of my projected time 99% of the time ask me how long it will take to grade something with a bobcat ill be within a few hrs but I have been wrong before ask my accountant she'll tell u sometimes it looks like we picked numbers out of the phonebook lol anyway every town has that bobcat and a truck man and if u build a relationship with them it can work both ways he has got me in the door with remodelers and builders some people still ask me how the hell did u get that job and I just laugh while I see him ripping his hair out leaving sunbelt rentals trying to be everything to everyone
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