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More than likely they parked it in the cemetery to check for gps or other type of tracker. When my truck and trailer was found minutes later in an industrial area the state troopers told me it is real common practice. They take the truck and trailer to a near by spot either some where quiet where it can go all day with out being noticed or somewhere real busy where it will blend in. Usually they'll take anything of value they can grab real quick, money/wallet left in cab, unsecured tools and hand helps from trailer. Then They come back hours later at night or the next day, if your trailer is still there then they assume neither the truck, trailer, or equipment have any trackers on them.

When my truck and trailer was snatched the staties sat on it for a little while after notifying me that it was found. They waiting till the guys came back that night and were able to arrest them. They told me that the real sophisticated guys will drop the trailer in one spot then park the truck somewhere else. They know that if you have gps it is more than likely only on the truck, this way they can still come get the trailer if the truck is found.

At the time I didn't have gps, thankfully I had a piece of Rented equipment on the trailer that did though. Thought I was making the hard call to tell the entail company their mini ex was stolen when he laughed and was able to bring it right up on the computer to tell the pd where to find it. Now I have gps on all trucks, trailers, and any piece of equipment with a battery valued over 2k
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