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Originally Posted by Gilmore.Landscaping View Post
They have been renovating a lot of Tim Horton's stores around town and all are done like this....
Maybe they're making a ton of money too........ Yea it may be wrong or not the most aesthetic way but to the average Tim Hortons consumer, who cares more about their coffee and bagel, it's probably one of the best things they've ever seen. Now before anyones head blows off I agree that everything should be done to the best possible standard. But go look in their bathrooms, or any commercial site for that matter. Look at the tile work. Probably crooked tiles, uneven lines, subpar grouting..... I can't imagine it'll hurt Tim Hortons sales and the next large franchise will ask who did the work giving that company more business. Sometimes if it just looks ok to that consumer maybe that business is fine with it because their coffee and baked goods makes them money, not their interior hardscape.... Kind of the scenario where maybe you don't use the absolute newest and best plate compactor because your current rusty one gets the job done the same. You could have that new $10,000 piece of machinery but if it does the same job it's not helping your sales.

Sorry guys. I agree with you that perfection is what we are striving for and will continue to do. And some of these jobs, ouch! But maybe this contractor has 200 Tim Hortons lined up for the year increasing their sales......
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