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This! +1 to Tony!

Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
- Is your business called "360 Landscaping" or is it "Professional Landscaping in Mocksville NC"?

- You need to work on your TITLE tags.

- Meta Keywords are a waste of time. They're not used.

- Which brings me and read Moz and/or Google's Beginner SEO Guide. They're free. They're helpful.

- There is nothing "local" about your page. The header and home paragraph just isn't enough. Do people search for services by counties, or do they actually use city and town names? What do relevant Google searches indicate to you?

- Your average page has less than 10% actual content, the rest is code and images. That is exceedingly thin. Take your services page... You list out some things and that's it. Tell me what "dethatching" is. Tell me why I need it. What is "concrete edging"? And so on...

- If you look at this "About Us" paragraph:
360 Lawn Care has been in the landscaping industry, since 2005. We started our business servicing park and recreation clients and have expanded into residential and commercial markets. We strive to offer the most complete, up-to-date services and techniques, while using modern, meticulously maintained equipment. Your satisfaction in our work is guaranteed!
You're missing an opportunity to feed the search engines. You mention Lawn Care by way of your business name, and then landscaping. After that, the rest of it could just as easily apply to an asphalt paving company or port-a-john rental outfit. No need to overdue it, but you will definitely benefit from something along the lines of "We strive to offer the most complete, up to date lawn care services and techniques. Your satisfaction in our lawn and landscape work is guaranteed!"

- Speaking of, if I'm Joe Customer, what does "guaranteed" mean?

- You should have your email address utilizing your domain name. It makes things easier to convey and, quite frankly, it's infinitely more professional.

- Your photos, while nice, don't tell me, or Google, anything about them. Write descriptive, keyword content (even just a sentence), to the pictures.
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