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Swooosh! Unless it was nailed down today, it was moving.

We didn't get much action last night when the primary storm went through. We had no high winds, and just moderate rain a couple of times in short bursts.

But today was windy, windy, and more windy. I intended to do leaf work a few places. The first place I stopped I found lots of leaves. The usual task is to use my wheeled blower to move them to woods at one end of the lawn -- about 150 feet, start point to the woods. The great news was the wind was all in my favor. I moved lots of leaves pretty quickly, just where they needed to go.

But, then I forfeited the rest of the leaf stops. I mowed a several other properties, ones that are only mow and no leaf work. I intended to mow these later in the week for final visit, but went ahead. I knew any leaf work elsewhere would be a lost cause.

I'm working down the list for final visits, about 25% down the list. Bradford Pears are really holding up the works on several properties. It appears all Silver Maples are now down, and most of the oak leaves. Sweetgum is the other holding up a couple of properties.

Cold tomorrow, but less breezy. Hopefully I can make leaf work a success.

How about it with others here -- how far from finishing leaves and mowing?
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