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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
Why would you need to mow below freezing temps? Frost on grass, not good to mow then.
I would just shut er down for the season. If anyone wants late season leaf pickup, need to wait until frost is gone to mow...can damage lawns by leaving frost tracks.
frost tracks?

I've mowed, trimmed, and blown leaves around freezing for the last 2 falls. the last of the leaves wait to fall around here until we're already getting dustings of snow. the lawns just stopped growing a few weeks ago. I know how to dress for it, so it doesn't bother me. I wait to mow until the sun melts the frost, anyways, because it cuts better. Even on our coldest mornings the frost has been melting by 9 or so, and until then I can keep busy with other tasks. as for why, people are still wanting me to blow, mow, and trim their yards, and I can't turn down the work. people are understanding (I talk to them about it, first) that there will be leaves frozen to the ground that I may not be able to dislodge with the blower, but I am still able to effectively get 99% of the leaves off the ground. ever lawn I do, I get nothing but compliments from the owners, family, and even the neighbors, so I say bring it on!!

like I said, I use synthetic fluids, so my equipment is safe from lubrication issues, which would be my main concern with it, I can handle a little 18 degree weather with 30MPH winds mowing and trimming an overgrown hill all day if at the end of the day the cash comes out.
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