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Originally Posted by PenningsLandscaping View Post
I clean up ad many times as I can. If we waited til the end and did it all in one shot, we'd be working until mid January. Most municipalities stop picking up early December, so you have to do as much as you can before hand.

I think I saw you post about starting next year right? The best thing to do is what I do, when I sign someone up in the spring, we go through the entire season's needs on day one. They all fill out customer forms that list what services they'd like to get. That way I don't have to make calls asking if they want clean ups.
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Yes I am starting up next year and do plan on going over some sort of service agreement up front. So if that's the case I should also be providing the cost to do the leaf clean up in the spring which will be hard for me to do.. I guess it's all trial by fire. I just don't want to under estimate the time is gong to take me to do cleanups causing me to agree on an artificially low price to do it.. I have a pretty big property myself so my plan is to compare it to my own (size and time it takes) and base my estimates off of that...
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