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Originally Posted by A. W. Landscapers, Inc. View Post
Well, you are either a legitimate business that honorably operates within the strict guidelines of the law or you're not…there is no grey area…some of us choose to be law abiding and some of us choose a less than honorable path…to each his/her own.
There's nothing honorable about paying half of your income to the federal, state and local governments, I think Obama has gotten in your head. When the government starts taxing everyone, not just singling out and punishing the hard working and fortunate, I'll change my opinion. If you want to throw money at the government so they can turn around and give it to people too lazy to work, so "Michelle and the kids" can take another $100,000,000 vacation, so we can bail out businesses too big to fail, subsidize failure and punish success. Not too many generations ago, we killed a lot of red coats with the same ideology.
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