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If i remember right you got your Kubota with low hour,so if you could keep both busy i would keep it and look at buying another machine for the muchler.If your Kubota is bet to hell then trade!Lots of people trade thinking there getting an upgrade.New stuff is going to Teir 4 and more headache.Where if you mini is good shape then run it on out a ways.

Lots of variable.Like your age,work load,finanacil siturations.I haven't traded in a machine for over close to 30 years now,but also not buying very much new also because of my age,I have been trying to buy smart tho on good clean,low houred machine at a good price.I'm close to retirement,or death which ever comes first.

keeping you mini if you took care of it you know what you have and if you trade then expand then you have to start all over looking for a machine that you already had and knew.

As KSSS said the new machine will have the update hydualic your proably looking for.Not sure what size trailer that you have and size truck,but might want to step up to a bigger excavator.I got a nice 160 size machine with low hours for less then the cost of a 5 ton mini,and i know it would run the brush head.Also know that it might be to big also.Good luck with your decision making!
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