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Yeah the mounting plates are the same, I already checked that out, I just have to add some kind of lock on the loader arms to match the lock on the backhoe (not worried about any of that stuff, I have a welding background and my brother is a heavy equipment mechanic, we've made a couple adapter plates and hydraulic adapters already). Seems like from what I'm hearing, the attachment is as much of a PITA as I expected. I'm not going to bid any extravagant amount on it, so if I get it, it will be cheap. Like I said, the intent will be to use it for a bit and eventually grow into a mini ex. I have a potential 5 ton dump truck project on the horizon, and I'm soon going to have to look at a truck replacement, so I can't tie up money in the mini ex just yet (soon tho I hope). Thanks for the help guys!
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