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Super surprised at your hourly rate. An erosion control guy I know has an 1845C and bills out $150/hr and it's usually with a bucket or a grapple on it. I don't think he has a minimum as far as hours though.

I know the T770's running at full tilt burn through fuel like crazy.

As for hyd fluid disappearing, you have a leak somewhere. After 4 years I finally found couplers for our DX180 Towtem Lines that don't blow apart after 2 weeks, sometimes those Pioneer quick couplers wouldn't last a day. I've had the couplers on now for over 3 months and not even a drip from them yet. I also zip tie them up so they don't get dirt in them and make a point to clean them thoroughly before coupling them again. They were spendy but worth it considering how many pioneer pieces I would have gone through in this time, the hyd fluid I would have been adding and just the fact of hyd fluid getting everywhere and making a mess not to mention it contaminating the environment. Pick your battles I guess. The DX180 has 1200 hours on it since we got it last July. Towtem has in the neighborhood of 100,000 sq ft of boulder abuse as well in less than two years we've had it. I tore apart the one side of the clam (1 1/4" T1 hardened steel) a few weeks ago and had all the wearing edges and side reinforced with cutting edge and 3/4" steel. The 1/2 plate that was welded on in July was already worn down to nothing. Boulders are abusive. Also last week had a 4' boulder come off the top of an 18' wall and tagged the front of the cab so that has to get fixed this winter and I'm building a cage I can grab and set in front of me to stop that from happening again.

I have a few "friends" that had a bid from us to do some work and they went with the low baller. Guess who went back a year later to fix all of it?

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