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Originally Posted by LewisLawn View Post
looks good to me. thats how i prefer to do it, try to avoid removing leaves from property as often as i can...most customers are fine with mulching them up or simply blowing them into the woods etc...
There are some properties where we do blow a majority of the leaves but we blow them to a area where they can be mulched. I do several apt. complexes and the actual yards are small but the amount of leaves are tremendous so we blow them to common areas on the grounds and then mulch. The only leaves that I have removed from a property this year are then ones stuck in or on my mowing deck and we try to get all those off before we load and go....I'm not against blowing and sucking up leaves but for me, I don't have the need. For me, it's about cost and time. I already have mowers, so I just put a mulch plug in the deck chute (total cost: under $100). That's my leaf equip. plus my blowers which I already had. Just my preference and my customers are used to it and like it.
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