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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
I have a customer with four Japanese Maple, all doing well, very full growth, all about 36-45" tall, with spread of 50-60". The owner has asked me to prune them after the season is over. When I was there the other day, all were still fully leafed, but I'm sure the leaves will be dropping soon.

I need some advice on pruning them. The overall shape is fine, but they could be raised a few inches. The major problem is they have not been pruned in along time, and they are very dense. There is lots of intertwined growth on the inside.

My plan was to get underneath, working from the bottom only. I plan to try to cut through the intertwined branches at a minimum. But, I think lots of other growth can be cut out as well. My intent is to keep the shape exactly as is, but to thin out the growth, making it more lacy.

Anybody with ideas or help?

See pics with all four of them.
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