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Originally Posted by keithg10 View Post
Hey guys, I have been browsing this site and thread for months and next year I plan to start a company from scratch. I have 1 more year of easy classes at ccac and I get my 2yr biz management degree I also work plenty of time at giant eagle. Even tho I am only 19 I have always wanted to be my own boss. I have a feeling I know a good bit about what I am getting into and one day I want this to be my career and have crews and the whole 9 yards....what a bad joke haha. Also I live in the crafton/Ingram rt 60 area (Robinson) I have a great location in my opinion! Anyways my real question is I will be going solo for awhile what legal matters do I need to address? General liability around 1mil? Is there a lisence(s) I need to cut grass and work flower beds and cut small trees? Also what about sales tax, does that need charged? I want to be 100% legit, any help, pms, will be greatly appreciated. I want to do this!
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Be prepared to work long hours, don't count on making much profit in the first 2-3 years and there is a license for fertilization applications. Sales tax needs to be charged on anything turf related, the laws are kinda screwy on this with some gray areas, I suggest doing some Google research. General liability of 1 mil per and 2 mil aggregate is sufficient for just about everything, if you have more questions I'd be happy to help answer some.

It's a rewarding business but know that there's a lot of sacrifice, high pressure, high stress situations. Good luck on your venture!
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