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Scag Cheetah vs Bob Cat Predator Pro

How does the Bob Cat's deck compare to the Scag's? Scag decks seem to discharge really well in my general area (think thick heavy grass and a heavy dew will still have the grass wet at 10-11 am because of the normal humidity in the summer).

Was pretty set on a Scag cheetah (61) with either the 850 or 921 Kawi motor on it, stopped at a small rural dealer about 25 minutes from me today because I thought he sold scag, turns out he doesn't any longer (stopped last year) but he does sell Bob Cat. Looked at the one ztr he had on the floor and it looks fairly well built considering it was one of their "entry level" commercial mowers. Got home and tried to compare apples to apples and the closest thing bob cat has to the cheetah (the model scag I was set on) seems to be the predator pro line, has the same hydraulic motors and such.

Called him (the local bob cat guy) back and had him price ordering me a 61 in model with the 921 Kawi motor (they don't seem to offer the 850 on that model) he called me back an hour or so later with a price about $1800 less than the price i was quoted for a scag with the same motor. However at this point, I still feel like scag is the "known" quality in the comparison.

What do you guys think?
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