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Originally Posted by W&Wlawncare View Post
Do you have any trouble with the snapper's deck blow out? I have a snapper too and it seems like a lot of leaves blow away from/around the deck so they aren't mulched up. Just curious to see if you have had the same experiences
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I have a lot of blowout if my deck is set at 3" or higher. I have been keeping my deck set on 2.5" when doing leaves and it has been doing really well. My mulch plug is homemade and does not block the chute discharge 100% (there's a small gap at rear of chute) which I think creates better suction and allows for minimal discharge from the chute and reduces blowout. However, I do have major leaf blowout issues with the Turf Tiger. I just use it if the leaves are really, really deep then I finish up with the snapper.
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