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Originally Posted by keithg10 View Post
Hey guys, I have been browsing this site and thread for months and next year I plan to start a company from scratch. I have 1 more year of easy classes at ccac and I get my 2yr biz management degree I also work plenty of time at giant eagle. Even tho I am only 19 I have always wanted to be my own boss. I have a feeling I know a good bit about what I am getting into and one day I want this to be my career and have crews and the whole 9 yards....what a bad joke haha. Also I live in the crafton/Ingram rt 60 area (Robinson) I have a great location in my opinion! Anyways my real question is I will be going solo for awhile what legal matters do I need to address? General liability around 1mil? Is there a lisence(s) I need to cut grass and work flower beds and cut small trees? Also what about sales tax, does that need charged? I want to be 100% legit, any help, pms, will be greatly appreciated. I want to do this!
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Don't quit your other job until you build your company. Maybe for the first year or half year invest what you make back into the company to grow and upgrade equipment. Gen liability for 1 mill/2mill aggregate is sufficient. I know a few of us use erie. Register a fictious name with the state (online) and get a pa contractors number (also online). Also don't be afraid to ask questions. I'm sure a lot of us have encounter the same issues/scenarios
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