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Originally Posted by Trees Too View Post
To a degree, I agree with you about the level of "usefulness" of HORT OILS. In general, they're intended to control scale, certain gall insects (i.e. adelgids), and some mites. I have found that I can get reasonable control of some types of scale. (Although it may take 2 apps in the spring to achieve this control.) Spruce adelgids?? The oil sprays fail to make critical contact, and the galls form anyway! Good coverage is essential; yet at the same time you increase the chance of "oil burning" spruces. As for mite control with oil. I don't see it.

In the end I think that hort oils are generally used by the big revenue companys as their Round 1; to get out the door first thing in the early spring when temps get into the 30's!!!
Good post. I agree. I can control scale with some Sevin and a 1% light mix of oil in crawler stage. Mites don't over winter on plant materials is my understanding and part of my decision stems from logistics as well. I don't have indoor storage for my spray rig and spring oils come early for me. I'd be froze up.

I shouldn't say oils have no use....they do but if you're also applying foliar apps at bud break and beyond all season I see no need for oils. Control em when they are active.

To a large extent though Oils that are sold by the main companies are snake oil in my opinion. It's a gravy app.
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