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Topsoil in V Box salter

I dont think it is really going to work well, but I thought I would ask if anyone has tried it.
Situation- Driveway was recently re paved and customer wants topsoil installed to cuff off the new 3'' lift.
Driveway is appx. 900 ft long so there is 1800 lin/ft to cuff off.
Has anyone tried to use a v-box salter without the spinner to lay out topsoil with any sucess? If this would work, it would save a lot of hand unloading(30 cu/yds).
Topsoil is dryish but is not a free flowing material like salt. too much bridging to be effictive?
Too heavy of a material, gearbox/ Drag chain stress?
I really dont want to get stuck shoveling out 2-3 cu yards out of the v-box if it doesn't work.
If it does work
Tell me i'm crazy to even try.
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