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Battery Operated?

I have a new apartment complex that is having their ribbon cutting ceremony on the 11th of December and the mayor and all the big wigs from their management company are going to be there, so they want it to look nice. Unfortunately, lack of power is an understatement. I have one outlet that can be used for what will be done on the face of the office area but they have a couple of small beds and two columns where the cutting is actually going to happen that has no power. And the only way to get power to it is to go under about 8' of concrete sidewalk.

Aside from bringing in an electrician (which they are not real keen on) I'm thinking we might just have to go with a couple of battery wreaths on the columns and call it enough for that area but I'm hoping maybe some of you guys have some tricks that might work.

Any cautions about battery run product?
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