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Originally Posted by DooleyPyne View Post
Has anyone out there struck a deal with their local gas station that would give them a certain discount on gas because they buy so much there? We are spending about $20k a month in gas at the Sunoco up the road where we fill our tanks. We think we are keeping them in business since over the course of the year its almost $250,000. We were going to ask them if they could do a special discount for us since we spend so much money there. We are looking into a fleet credit card but another credit card bill to pay is a hassle even though it saves 1-3%. Any ideas?
Two ways to look at it. And I do both...
My lawn crews fill up at a the local gas station and he cuts me a 3% discount for paying him with a check vs. credit card...
Me and my other crews fill up wherever and use the. Credit card and bank on points or miles to use later on whatever I see fit.
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